Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Linen Inspiration

So, there's a lot of things going on behind the scenes at the apartment, some that I really, no REALLY REALLY want to scream from the rooftops, but I just don't want to jinx things by sharing news prematurely. It's happened before. 

I will say this: Tyler's opinion of how the finished spaces look is important ... and you draw your own conclusion, and I'm sure you'll get there.

I asked him what he thought, and he answered: "Design isn't my thing, you're amazing at what you do - just do what you think is best." I mean, come on! I suppose that's true for some people, but I wasn't taking that as a final answer. I started showing him rooms from the many interior design coffee table books that I have laying all over the apartment right now. Watching him ooo and ahh over different rooms was really helping me to understand his design mind, one he thought he didn't have. And what's great about his design mind is that it's drawn naturally to calm, neutral spaces.

So, needing a break from wasting my time painting with what is essentially milk disguised as paint, I started looking at inspiration pics, and these were some of the favorites:

Design by Lisa Luby Ryan, her vacation home in Delaware. Soft white walls, linen curtains, and linen slipcovered furniture. Beautiful.

Design by Melanie Turner. Soft white walls, linen curtains, and linen slipcovered furniture. Hmm, are we seeing a pattern here?

Design by Brooke and Steve Giannetti. Soft white walls, linen curtains, and linen slipcovered furniture.

Now, don't expect the living room at the apartment to come out looking like any of these rooms. I'm telling you right now, it won't. But, they do provide a high level of inspiration and that's always helpful.

What we will likely end up with will be something more like this:

Keep watching, you'll see it all play out! And if you haven't already followed me on instagram, you're missing my melt down videos!

P.S., Quick answers to some questions:

1. Do you regret selling your things? 
No. Absolutely not. Life is too short to have regrets about stuff, and I enjoy this - for as much as I lament over it and make fun of it, putting together new spaces (even in the same old space) brings me a lot of joy. So, no - no regrets.
2. Will you work the blue into the new neutral theme? 
No. I mean, luckily I didn't get too much blue stuff. The sofa will be slipcovered in a new slip, and the walls as you know are already going back to white. The fabric I had bought for curtains, etc., will be sold off or used in another project. The only thing that I have that's blue and will stay is the Hermes throw. But, I'm pretty sure that's going in the media room. Stay tuned!
3. Are you crazy? 
Probably. Do crazy people ever really know that they're crazy? Here's what I do know, I'm having fun, and I'm happy!
4. Will you talk about the fireplace? 
Yes! Actually, I have planned a post about that and why I made the decision to do it. I can't really give you a DIY instructional unfortunately, but I can tell you the steps that I took. Keep a look out for that post once I get the painting finished.
5. Are you selling anything? 
I am! I'm selling the old chandelier from the dining room (if you're interested let me know and I can get you photos and dimensions) and I'm still selling off art! So, send me an email if you've got interest in those things. I'm hoping that I'll have everything pulled together and I'll have another small sale (fabric, books, art, and decor) on the blog in July/August.

Have a great long holiday weekend! 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Breath of fresh air ...

Yeah. No staged photos here. Just unadulterated truth telling. The process of changing things from blue to white was not easy. Actually, I should say, IS not easy. As I'm still in the big middle of it. If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen the videos of me working on the apartment this weekend. 

I found some really interesting things when I started working on the room. 

1. The room had been wallpapered. In grasscloth of all things! So all this time I thought that the drywall seams were coming apart every 24", no - no, that was wallpaper seams that had just been painted over. 

2. I really hate to paint. But what's worse than painting? Fixing really, REALLY messed up walls from wallpaper coming down, pulling paint with it, in HUGE sections of the wall. 

So, after I spent nearly all day Saturday patching these giant issues with the wall, doing my best to get them completely filled in, my boyfriend Tyler came over to help with the sanding. It took hours to do these walls, and if I'm being honest, there's a part of me that feels like I should have done more than I did. The places I fixed look so good! SO GOOD! Thanks to Tyler, mostly. But there are still seams in the wall from the paper that I haven't fixed - and likely wont. 

Then the primer went up. Now, I have to say this. I told myself I wouldn't but I'm going to. I used Sherwin Williams primer, and you might as well go get a few gallons of milk and paint your walls with that. IT IS TERRIBLE! I spent hours putting multiple coats of primer on the walls, and in the process paint went EVERYWHERE! When paint or primer is that thin, the nap of the roller just won't hold onto it. It was like a Jackson Pollock painting on the drop cloths. Terrible. I will NEVER ever buy it again. 

I promise that I actually worked. Once the primer was up (12-hours after we started) it was time to put up the paint. Also Sherwin Williams, ProMar 200. Also crap.

From the moment that the entire room was back to having light colored walls, I instantly felt more at home. Like I had been pent up inside and was able to finally grab a giant breath of fresh air. 

Proof that I was working. Before I had a nervous break down, I had to do something about the crappy paint from Sherwin Williams. I mean, it's terrible. And it's supposed to be their higher level paint. Can you imagine what ProMar 400 is? I mean, is it like water? How many coats does that take? We aren't talking about paint that's $10/gallon here people. THIS STUFF IS EXPENSIVE! It's supposed to be good, quality paint. It isn't. 

I ended up buying this roller: 

I got mine at Lowes, it was $13 for the pack of 3, plus tax. But they actually did a much better job than the other roller at holding onto paint. Even as I type this, I'm noticing splatters of paint on my arms I didn't see last night! So, moral of the story, if you get stuck with REALLY CRAPPY PAINT from SHERWIN WILLIAMS (can you tell I'm sorta pissed about the amount of money I spent on paint with them and that it was TOTAL GARBAGE) the roller from Purdy might save you from having a nervous break down! 

And we left it like this. Needing yet another coat of paint, but we are on the way there folks! And I couldn't be happier. Stay tuned for all the next installments! And follow along on instagram for videos and more photos!